Case Study

Rebranding User Interface Icons for White Label Software

The Challenge

We’re going to white label our in-house software. The sales team want to enhance their pitches with a branded presentation, so we’ll need you to rework all the icons (100+) for each prospective client. Also, the current icons look terrible on iPad. Oh yeah, and we’ll need them in Spanish, French and German, maybe more.

The Response

Instant rebranding of 100+user interface icons

SVG for the win!

Scaleable vector icons look great at any resolution, and with a lower file size. Combining the icons into a single sprite reduces server calls and benefits page load speed.

Instant Rebranding

White label products are rebranded with a simple “find-and-replace” to change the main #HEX colour value in the svg code. Semi-transparent black & white overlays add tonal variation.

Icons Modernised

Over time various designers had worked on the icon set so I simplified and rationalised line weight, colour palette, file layers, opting for a single colour to represent the brand.

Localisation Handled via Code

After discussion with the developer I removed the text labels from the graphic icons. This would now be handled via a translation plugin, saving countless hours (and speeeling errorz)

svg user interface icons


svg user interface icons


svg user interface icons

user interface icons - scaleable vector graphics


UI icons in svg


vector icons - svg

icons redesigned




UI design


creative direction

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