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Digital Design

Once upon a time it was all about keeping pixels in their place. Like the class system. Now we let them roam as free as they like across any device that will have them. It’s the 60’s all over again!

User Interface Design

It’s all about feedback! Users WILL wait, if they know something is happening, or about to. Otherwise, screen estate is at a premium, and sure, we can all scroll, content is king, but everything has to justify it’s existence.

Creative Direction

So design is being commoditised, and outsourced button pushers are ten a penny. Fine, if you want to join the race to the bottom, but where do you find your “of course!” moment?

About me

Hi, I’m Dexter.

I’m a commercially minded digital creative consultant with over 9 years professional experience.

I specialise in visual design, working from concept through to final execution, producing pixel perfect, brand aligned creative, websites and user interfaces for marketing campaigns and digital projects. My goal is to ensure the essence of your brand is enhanced by the digital experience.

As a Visual Designer, my weapons of choice are Photoshop and Illustrator. For a prototype I’d use Webflow, Invision or UX Pin, and I wireframe in either UX Pin or Balsamiq.
As for coding:  although I’m not a “build it from scratch” guy, I’m perfectly comfortable with HTML and CSS.

When I’m not working, I produce music and DJ as Dexter Ford.

Despite being called Dexter I don’t have a laboratory, or a press gang, I’m not a serial killer and I know nothing about blood spatter analysis. I do take quite a mean selfie though…

  • Photoshop 90%
  • Illustrator 80%
  • InDesign 75%
  • Dreamweaver 60%
  • HTML + CSS 75%
  • UX Pin 75%
  • Invision 60%
  • Webflow 80%
  • Wordpress 75%


User login page

BASE is a cloud based media estate management app.

Generic product information (news, updates, service level, no. of users logged in) is available without login and serves to help sell the service.

visual design iPad

Email newsletter

Email newsletter for The Co-operative Food, to sell their brand partners on the benefits of their new in-store sampling and customer engagement programme.

Logo design

Visual identity for a service which offers highly targeted, localised planning for marketing campaigns. The “P” in the logo references a typical digital map locator pin.

Single page mobile site

Mobile microsite promoting shopper marketing services, including a testimonial from a recent client and a prominent call to action.

Visual identity

I act as Creative Director for London based DJ collective and party promoters OptionOne.

My input covers visual identity, digital collateral and social media content strategy.

User Interface Icons

Scaleable Vector Graphic (SVG) Icon set developed for a white label software solution. Icons are recoloured to reflect each licensee’s branding.

Working with the developer a simple admin interface was created to edit the colour value reference in the SVG’s code. Rebranding would have previously required editing the individual files in graphics software.

The icons use a single colour, with tonal variation achieved via white and black overlays set to 20% opacity, further simplifying the editing process.

Landing page

Core look creative for an in-store media campaign for delivery in The Co-operative Food stores.

Brightly coloured, iconic holiday essentials were selected to emulate the brands own core look of abundant, tumbling fruit filling the pot.

Print display ads

Print display ads for Wildcard Creative, a company that produced display products from recycled card. The designs focus on the versatility of paper for creating beautiful artefacts.

Till screen display ads

Animated ads for display at the checkout in The Co-operative Food stores.

A particular challenge here was the age of the hardware across the network – files had to be compatible with Flash Player 6, and limited to ActionScript 1, so animation was limited.

Email newsletter

Editorial style newsletter, with multiple calls to action (drive to website) and competition to drive engagement.

Re-engaging with previous customers resulted in significant new enquiries and a £50k + order.

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